A financial advisory firm offering holistic financial planning and quantitative asset management solutions


It began with an idea; a philosophy that all clients deserve objective advice, world-class service, and access to best-in-class technology at a fair, flexible, and transparent price. After two years of research and careful planning, that idea became reality when our doors officially opened in December 2016. Although Tempus is new, our advisors Brittany Shaker and Lindsay Wolf have a combined 29 years of experience in the financial services industry. “Tempus,” in Latin means “seasons” and just as seasons change, your personal and financial life will too. It is our commitment to be by your side, sharing our knowledge and resources through all the seasons of your life.


We are the alternative to traditional finance.  Our independence eliminates the conflicts of interest found in the personal finance industry, where oftentimes their bottom line is more important than yours.  Our advice solutions of Strategic Seasonal Planning and Active Asset Management were developed to align to your best interest and delivered on your terms.  You decide how you want to work with us, what you want to achieve, and we provide cost-conscientious solutions to reach your goals.  Our process was designed to  accommodate every season of your financial life through an educational, transparent, and dynamic approach resulting in recommendations and solutions based upon real-time data.  Our advice evolves in real-time just as you do!  Moreover, we are committed to continuously improving the services and advice we provide, while reducing costs in every area possible.  Most important, we never lose sight of the fact that our success is a direct result of your success.

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In our opinion, the combined power of comprehensive financial advice and quantitative asset management is the most appropriate way to create and sustain long term wealth. The financial services industry is in a time of disruption, which we welcome, and feel has been long overdue! For too long, advice has been too expensive and too stale. Most advisors continue to rely upon strategies that were developed in 1952 to manage client portfolios today! What makes Tempus unique is that we hold our foundation deep rooted in holistic financial planning while pairing that with an asset management philosophy and process that is one of a kind and not easily accessible to everyday investors. Tempus Advisory Group delivers unbiased financial planning and advice to identify and manage risk, with quantitative asset management, to capture equity market growth while mitigating downside risk to achieve long term compounding wealth.

We are passionate about addressing topics that traditional firms often overlook such as guardianship for minors and elder care; our interest in both is from personal experience. We are dedicated to sharing our experience and knowledge, so you are empowered to make informed decisions. We help you avoid the costly mistakes and unintended consequences that result from a lack of planning . There is no guesswork with Tempus Advisory Group as our process is straightforward, transparent, and on your terms.

Active Asset Management
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