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July 2020 Market Update


Federal Reserve Pumping Keeps the Market from Dumping? What’s happening now:  Equity markets continue to push higher as investors expect Congress and the Fed to continue pumping stimulus into the economy.  It is our expectation that the new stimulus package will come in early August and will be less robust as the first package.  [...]

July 2020 Market Update2020-08-06T13:08:34+00:00

June 2020 Market Update


Economic Decline with Market Incline  What’s happening now:  Since our last update, the Fed has continued to support the economy through a growing number of actions and promises.  At the June meeting, interest rates were left near zero as an expectation of a full-year decline in economic output to be between 4% and 10% would [...]

June 2020 Market Update2020-06-29T12:14:46+00:00

May 2020 Market Update


Previous Confirmations and Forward Expectations What’s going on?   When the coronavirus first caused global shutdowns, everyone knew there was historic economic damage occurring across the globe. Reports such as the US weekly initial jobless claims provided a glimpse into what was happening, as the largest number of workers reported a job loss than any [...]

May 2020 Market Update2020-06-02T20:50:38+00:00

April 2020 Market Update


Markets Rally as the Global Economy Slows at a Dramatic PaceWhat's going on?  The global economy has quickly come to a standstill as efforts to fight the novel COVID-19 virus have continued. Unemployment numbers crushed previous records, with more than 15 million people filing jobless claims in a three-week span during March. Businesses deemed non-essential [...]

April 2020 Market Update2020-04-28T18:53:24+00:00

February 2020 Market Update


Coronavirus Fears Drive Markets While the Economy Continues to GrowWhat’s going on? Markets were rattled by reports of a coronavirus outbreak in China, which has caused tens of thousands of people around the world to be sickened by the illness, which has no vaccine. During the initial reporting, market participants made “safe haven trades” by [...]

February 2020 Market Update2020-02-19T18:07:03+00:00

November Market Update


An improving US consumer, recovering yield curve, and trade progress drive the market higher in November. What’s going on?   Following the Fed’s decision to reduce the Federal Funds Rate by 0.25% in October, U.S. markets continue to enjoy hitting new all-time highs, as economic data continues to hold steady (and in some cases [...]

November Market Update2019-11-25T20:39:57+00:00

October 2019 Market Update


Team Tempus is committed to keeping you well informed about what’s happening in the markets. Here are a few key topics of conversation that we feel deserve the most attention so far this month.  If you have any questions or would like to continue the conversation, let us know, we appreciate the opportunity.Improved trade negotiations [...]

October 2019 Market Update2019-10-21T14:10:28+00:00

Tempus Research Update – October 2019


What You Should Know Market:  As stock investors seeking yield changed their appetites (preferring value over growth), market volatility experienced a slight uptick throughout the month of September.  The outperformance of value stocks has been largely attributed to the demand for higher-yielding income investments and the historically wide valuation spread between growth and value.  [...]

Tempus Research Update – October 20192019-10-07T16:42:02+00:00

September 2019 Market Update


Team Tempus is committed to keeping you well informed about what’s happening in the markets. Here are a few key topics of conversation that we feel deserve the most attention so far this month. Interest Rates and trade dominate the economy right nowWHAT'S GOING ONOn September 18th, the Federal Reserve voted to reduce short-term rates by [...]

September 2019 Market Update2019-09-23T15:29:01+00:00
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